Nathan (mastadge) wrote,

International bookbuying

Has international shipping suddenly gotten more dicey?

For years I've been buying from various European publishers and retailers and have never, to my recollection, not had a book arrive safely at my door. But over the past month, no fewer than three books -- one from PS Publishing, two from Ex Occidente -- have failed to arrive.

Now, I've bought a great many books from PS, and only rarely been an annoying customer, so felt only slightly guilty to inform them that a book had not arrived. But Ex Occidente -- these are the first two titles I've bought from them. A couple months the first didn't arrive, I contacted them, and they quickly and graciously sent a replacement, which got here very promptly. But now I keep waiting on the second one, hoping it's just taking its time overseas, because I really don't want to be that customer. Then again, they that they'd learned their lesson and send everything registered anymore, so if the register says the book arrived at my house and I know it didn't, I guess I can take that up with the post office. Guess I'll inquire early next week.

But-- Is it suddenly far more likely for books to disappear en route, or have I simply and suddenly had an unlucky time of it?
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